Baby Samantha

September 29, 2010

It’s been a little while since I took some newborn pictures, and this little girl was well-worth the wait. What a beautiful baby! Not only was she a beautiful baby, her beautiful mom is one of my high school friends that I haven’t seen for way too long! It has been so great catching up and meeting her incredible family. Thanks for a fun afternoon – hope the kids caught some fish over the weekend and enjoy your sneak peek!


Better late than never

August 11, 2010

I took these pictures of the kids a while ago, but while I’m here posting pictures, I thought I’d throw in a few of my favorites. It’s been great being closer to family and beautiful mountains again!

Dear, dear friends

August 11, 2010

So, I have been MIA over the past few months with the move and everything, but I have gotten my feet wet here in Utah and ready to open my photography doors again! And what better way to do it than to take pictures of one of my best friends from Jr. High School (has it been that long???) and her amazing husband’s amazing family! Thanks, you guys for being so great to work with and for your super-patient kids! You kept saying that the kids are crazy wild, but you need only to spend a few hours at my house to know that I am no stranger to wild kids! All the kids did wonderful and I was actually pretty pleased at how well-behaved they were. Thanks again for a great evening – you were all such great sports and I’m glad I got the chance to spend a little time with you. Hope you like the sneak peek!

Santa Cruz

April 18, 2010

We took the kids to Santa Cruz to visit some friends and the beach to try to get some pictures of all three kids together. Obviously, we still have yet to get a “golden” shot of that, but in the meantime, we still got some nice ones of the kids having fun at the beach… We all had a great time and made some wonderful memories, which is the whole point anyway.

Look at this handsome kid!

My other little Lady-killer

Big Sis will always be here for you....

Having fun in the sun!

Playing with Daddy

Where's my limo?

I'll scream in this one....

You scream in the next one...

The closest we could get. Model in the middle needs a break...


March 25, 2010

What a beautiful couple! I had such a wonderful time with you and I see only great and exciting things for your future together. You have both done amazing things and I wish you all the best! Hope you enjoy the sneak peek! And thanks again for being such great sports about the FREEZING cold water – I think it was worth it!

Has it been a year already?

February 3, 2010

Such a sweet little girl, these pictures turned out great! I took pictures of this baby from before she was even born, and now she’s already a year old! I’m so glad I got to see her and catch up on what she’s learning and doing! It seems that kids are changing daily at this age and it’s hard to keep up with them. She’s a bright little girl and was a joy to work with! Here are some of my favorites so far. Thanks so much!

Fall outtakes…

December 8, 2009

Watching the kids playing in the fall leaves makes all the hard work of parenthood totally worth it. Part of me just can’t believe that here in California, we are just now getting around to raking up the fall leaves (it’s already December!!), but at the same time, it’s been nice to extend the beautiful fall colors. So, I took the kids out to take some pictures in our neighbors’ perfect leaves the other day knowing that I would definitely get some great smiles with “ring-around-the-rosies”. Unfortunately, with three kids, the circle means that at least one face is always pointed the wrong direction… But they still had a great time and I’ve got some memories captured of my kids enjoying being together. Mission accomplished! How about my little future model???

Here it is!!

November 16, 2009


I know you’ve been dying for this, so hopefully this lives up to your expectations! Thanks for a fun photo session! Enjoy your sneak peek!




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Baby Brodie

November 14, 2009

What a cutie! I always forget how tiny little newborns are! Your little guy is so adorable – and he is in very good hands! I had such a great time getting to spend a little time with you. Thank you so much for being patient and letting me take some pictures during such a crazy time. Congratulations again!

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November 10, 2009

What a beautiful couple! You know your little girl is going to be a heartbreaker! Thanks for letting me take some pictures of you and your growing family! I can not wait to meet her!